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Smart Home in Egypt, all the smart home device available now from Iandr Egypt ,, you can find any thing related to smart home solutions and heating solutions and security solutions

We try to make your life safer and more comfortable by providing best solutions

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Anything related to smart home solutions and heating solutions and security solutions in Egypt

What we Do

We are a leading provider of alarms and smart home technologies

our systems are designed to fit your lifestyle and allow you to seamlessly secure all your belongings and control all aspects of your property, including lighting, climate, appliances, curtains and blinds, multi-room audio/video, digital surveillance, entertainment, and energy-saving. We work with both private and commercial developers to create stunning installations that increase property value, differentiate houses from surrounding properties, and enhance people’s life. Our range of systems has been designed to the highest architectural specifications and represents the best products on the market, in terms of price, functionality, customization, and flexibility. I&R Egypt products are modular and can be installed as and when the budget allows. With us, you can enjoy real safety and automation that is tailored to the way you live.

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What we Do

we change everything about the way of your life style 


We’ve tested most of the nationally available professional-install and DIY security systems to help you decide which one is right to
protect your family and your property. We can provide you with the best consultations and solutions for all kinds of alarms including Intrusion detection alarms ( indoor and outdoor security ) and fire alarms.

Smart Home

Life is too hard not to have a smart home! Every gesture becomes simple, even your daily routine ones.

Sentry Mode

Feel free to leave the house any time for any time , everything will be fine

Environment friendly

Automation systems will save a lot of power which helps our plant and us

2-ways communication

Your House will be able to call you when ever needed or you can check on it

Sleep Mode

When you go to sleep the House will wake up guarding your family

Intruders Alarm

Sensors will detect movements outside and inside the house


Did you forgot to turn of the light when you left the house? DON'T WORRY

Smoke & Fire Alarm

Detectors will alarm you before even any thing starts to happen

All temperature Operation

Control the temperature any where in the house winter or summer it doesn't matter

Access Control

The purpose for the access control systems is to control the entries of the person’s to certain places and to report relevant data. If required, time restrictions and introduction for access at doors may be applied for the persons. Matrix COSEC is an enterprise grade People Mobility Management solution for modern organizations, covering Time-Attendance, Access Control, and more industry based security solutions. Our all-integrated solutions including hardware devices, software platform, and a suite of software application modules. This comprehensive range of solutions maintains an optimu balance between productivity and security in an organization. Matrix biometric Time-Attendance and Access Control devices are superlative in designs, versatile in functions and robust in performance and have been appreciated worldwide through multiple accolades.

Home Appliances

Make your life very easy and save your effort, time and energy, and you can make your home more comfortable and save biggest possible space.

central vacuum cleaners

Heating Solutions

Enjoy a warm atmosphere in the winter with your family We can offer all warmth possible solutions , including electric fireplaces, gas fireplaces, ethanol fireplaces under floor heating solutions, and the list goes on…

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Safety like never before
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Control everything around you


Smart Home in Egypt

We try to make your life safer and more comfortable by providing the best solutions

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