Need to secure your home, but don’t know where to start?

We’ve tested most of the nationally available professional-install and DIY security systems to help you decide which one is right to protect your family and your property .We can provide you with best consultations and solutions for all kinds of alarms including Intrusion detection alarms ( indoor and outdoor security ) and the fire alarms .

Internal security


JABLOTRON are a 100% Czech Technology Company. We offer modern solutions for protecting the property, health and safety for our customers. The user-friendly design of our products is always a priority for us. JABLOTRON also has it’s reliable fire alarm system that can be used in any building type

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Dual-Zone PIR sensors


Our Dual-Zone PIR sensors combine horizontal and downward curtains which require
simultaneous activation for alarm, perfect for use in both domestic and industrial outdoor
Our Passive Infrared Sensors combine high performance optics and advanced circuitry with
the highest grade components available, re-introducing the concept of reliable and
dependable protection for CCTV switching and alarm activation where quality matters.

Protection electric fencing


Nemtek manufactures a large range of high quality electric fencing solutions for home,
commercial and infrastructure security. Our monitoring technology allows for advanced
warning of any fence breach or tampering, and has the capability to identify the specific area
should an intrusion occur, meaning that security resources can quickly be directed to where
they are required.
Find out more about how Nemtek’s electric fencing solutions can provide you with peace of
mind, whether you want to protect your property, people, assets, livestock or pets.

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Protection electric fencing


All the intrusion attempts such as climbing, butting or the breaking through of a fence;
sabotage attempts on pipelines and approaching of intruders in the buried version can
be easily detected .
PERIMETER PROTECTION SYSTEMS includes invisible underground systems, fiber optic
systems, electromagnetic wave and infrared systems .

Detection systems


DEA Security’s perimeter intrusion detection systems detect intrusion and break-in attempts on the perimeter of a building or property.

outdoor perimeter detection systems: they are composed of fence-mounted
systems for the protection of flexible and rigid fences, buried/underground

systems for the protection of either concrete flooring or surfaces with no rigid foundation (tread soil, lawn, asphalt, etc); DEA’s intrusion detection solutions are employed in protecting perimeters of any size and type, such as military and government sites, seaports and airports, petrochemical and industrial compounds, water and electricity utilities, nuclear facilities, PV parks and high-profile VIPs. All systems benefit from the complete and robust DEA NET centralization and integration platform, which provides native support for IP networks and most popular VMS and PSIM softwares. 

fire, smoke, heat and gas detection systems


Eurofyre manufacture and supply a range of fire, smoke, heat and gas detection systems to suit a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications. We strive to provide the highest quality products and offer an exceptional level of support. We regularly supply leading fire detection equipment to countries all over the world, including those in the middle east, Asia, and America. 

Guard Tour System


Guard Tour System PES Every Guard Tour PES® reader has a unique serial number and thanks to this number it can be easily identified by More details clickable button More details clickable button evaluation software. Also every iButton chip has its unique identification number. The chips can be used for the identification of a person or the identification of a place or an object.



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