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central vacuum cleaners

Make your life very easy and save your effort, time and energy, and you can make your home more comfortable and save biggest possible space.

central vacuum cleaners
central vacuum cleaners
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Central Vacuum Cleaner

Keep your home clean
vacuuming quietly
performing consistently

Keep your home clean and comfortable, vacuuming quietly and performing consistently high with our brand BVC.

BVC EBS Distribution GmbH is manufacturer of BVC central vacuum cleaners. The durable high-quality vacuum cleaners are developed, produced and tested in Germany (Northern Bavaria). BVC has more than 20 years of history, always with focus on highly efficient and hygienic cleaning solutions. A variety of accessories and installation material completes our range of products.

“Made in Germany”
central vacuum cleaners
central vacuum cleaners

Application areas of BVC central vacuum cleaners

This machine is a perfect solution on big systems with 1-4 simultaneous users in  both residential homes, Industry, and commercial properties, car reconditioning companies, paint shops, retirement homes, hotels and more…

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What is a central vacuum cleaner?

Central vacuum cleaners are usually installed in the basement or an utility room. A piping system with air inlet valves that connects the floors and rooms with the central vacuum cleaner.  Inlet valves are installed in walls throughout the building that can attach to suction hoses to remove dust and small debris from interior rooms in a comfortable way.


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